Saturday, March 16, 2019

I Could Watch All Day

This evening, after we finished dinner and dishes, I quickly took my place on the left side of the couch to finish up my emails and a huge editing project.  I was thrilled when I hit save on the finished project. I have been working on it for over a month and half adding, deleting and perfecting 17 amazing stories by 17 equally amazing authors. I couldn't be more pleased with how well everything came together.

As I set the laptop down and looked up, I saw the two men in my life who capture my heart. There in front of me at the dining room table, sat my husband and our 16 year old son who has Autism.  A serious 7 hands of Uno were being played. 7 hands you ask? Yes, seven hands were promised so that Zach could earn a bag of microwave popcorn.

Fun was had, Zach won almost every hand and conversation took place.  Josh asked amazing questions about school, Saturday morning activities, things coming up on the calendar that Zach is excited about, and then he laid out what tomorrow will look like.  Talking about the calendar often brings Zach such calm in his often chaotic days.  This evening he was flustered when there was an entertainment stand debacle caused by him in the basement. It took both of my strong men to fix the problem.  All he wanted was to eat some popcorn and spend some time in the quite of his own space in the living room in the basement. But first Uno.

I admire my husband often, but I also really know and acknowledge when he is killing it as a dad.  He played 7 hands of Uno, invested time with Zach and retrieved the desired popcorn.  I love watching them interact and laugh and be goofy together. It warms my heart as a mom and as a wife. Knowing that Josh does the same thing with our daughter Lily. They watch Dude Perfect videos together. They assemble and break apart and reassemble Lego set after Lego set.  They cuddle and watch movies together that Josh doesn't care to watch. But he knows it matters to Lily, so he does it as an act of love.

I am so thankful this evening for the 7 hands of Uno that were played right in front of me.  I could watch all day.

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