Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parking Lot Snafu

3 errands before work. Apparently the idea of stopping at Michael's to get two things was a ridiculous idea. I got hit by a car pulling out of parking spot. I hollered and slapped the back of the car. For real. She was going slow, but the bumper hit my knee. I wasn't hurt at all, gathered myself and kept walking. Couldn't even turn around because I wouldn't have been able to tame my tongue. I kid you not, she rolls down her window and says, "Sorry, but you shouldn't walk behind moving cars."

I turned around and looked at her. My head tilted to the side, eyes squinted behind my sun glasses in disbelief of what I was hearing. I replied, "Remember your Christmas errands that are so important won't be as important if you take out a pedestrian in a parking lot. I hear killing someone weighs down on person heavily this time of year." Stunned silence. I walked into the store. She followed me in. No lie. She parked her car and followed me in. She then began with," I tried to apologize and you are fine. No harm no foul."

The woman from the register promptly bolts over to us and asks if there is a problem. I told her the woman needed to be removed from the store. She about lost her mind. I continued to walk into the store because I needed to get my stuff and go to work. The employee repeatedly asks the woman to stop yelling and kindly leave the store. I call over my shoulder, Merry Christmas! Because it is Christmas and that this is what nice pedestrians who walk behind moving cars do when drivers yell at them and won't leave them alone. 🙄 #cantmakethisstuffup

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