Monday, October 16, 2017

Painting Pictures of Egypt

Sometimes walks with Zach are filled with laughter. Sometimes we are working on drying his tears and moving on with our day. Sometimes they seem very solitary. He is worried about dogs barking and wears his headphones most of time.  He also has longer legs than I do and walks at a ridiculously fast pace. I can't keep up. So I often walk behind him and admire this amazing kid.

Carrying his water bottle filled with ice in one hand and a beautiful leaf in the other, he sets his pace. He turns to tell me he likes his new Levi's shoes. And laughs when the birds get really loud at the far side of the field. As we round the bend and approach our road he turns and puffs out air. His fast pace has gotten the best of him. And he is winded. Walking up the road, there is a slight incline, Zach turns and says, " Mom, this road is so steep."

I smile from ear to ear. Steep. This is a new word for Zach. One he has never used before. But used accurately and to describe the incline he is feeling challenged by. But still, he continues. I think of all the areas of my life that seem steep. Too steep at times. When I feel winded and tired. Sometimes wanting to turn around and go back. Often I find that I am "Painting pictures of Egypt, and leaving out what it lacks. The future seems so hard and I want to go back" . The lessons I have learned from Zach are plenty. Today, it is that there is no turning around. Even when it is steep, I must continue. "The places that used to fit me, can not hold all that I've learned. Those roads have been closed off to me while my back was turned."

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